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Student Recruitment and Community Engagement Office

Student Recruitment and Community Engagement Office (SRCE) works closely with the six Schools of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in developing institutional wide student recruitment and marketing strategies. The Office also plans and delivers educational outreach projects and community engagement activities in the performing arts.

Student Recruitment

We plan and implement various activities to promote the academic programmes of the Academy locally, regionally and internationally.  Apart from recruitment tours, we have used different media platforms to introduce the unique teaching and learning strategies and the outstanding achievements of our six Schools to prospective students and their parents.

School Outreach

Synergising with the productions of the six Schools, we stage a series of educational activities specially designed for secondary school students. Our featured outreach project, Creative Journey opens the door for youngsters to get a closer look into the performing arts professions in Chinese Opera, Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Music, as well as Theatre and Entertainment Arts.

Community Engagement

We collaborate with varied organisations to dedicatedly promote performing arts to a wider community.  Joining hands with our community partners that serve different people such as the youth, people with disabilities and arts lovers, we organise workshops, guided campus tours and other engagement activities to enrich the performing arts experiences of community members, foster exchanges and also advance arts education.









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